Did you know… About Southwind?

We’ve been having more and more traffic from out of the Okanagan Valley at Southwind, so we want to let everyone know just how great a location and community Southwind is, above and beyond the suite information which people typically inquire about. We wanted to convey some interesting facts off the top of my head, that I know from having lived in the area for 26 years.

Did you know…

That the community at Southwind is starting to have socials, with a BBQ party planned for this summer.

That a wide range of homeowners live at Southwind, ranging from young professionals, young families, empty nesters, out of town vacation-owners, and retirees.

That Sarsons Beach, a public beach, is only a 5 minute walk down Sarsons Road from Southwind.

That there are a dozen wineries and several golf courses within a 5 to 10 minute drive from Southwind.

There is a botique commercial centre, just 10 minutes walking or 2 minutes driving from Southwind, where you can grab a coffee, your groceries, and a bottle of Okanagan Wine!

There is a great indoor pool facility with glass garage doors that open to outside – giving it an outdoor like pool area, great for tanning in the summer!

That Southwind is the homesite of the famous Bob Dow-Reid, the designer of the famous Kelowna Sails and Dolphins of downtown. Those pieces of art were designed and constructed on the Southwind site.

That there is ample bike storage, in addition to your personal storage, for those outdoor enthusiasts.

That there are only 18 suites remaining – 15 have sold in the past three months - but a good variety remains. Visit soon! or 250-764-4444.

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