Did you know… About Southwind?

We’ve been having more and more traffic from out of the Okanagan Valley at Southwind, so we want to let everyone know just how great a location and community Southwind is, above and beyond the suite information which people typically inquire about. We wanted to convey some interesting facts off the top of my head, that I know from having lived in the area for 26 years.

Did you know…

That the community at Southwind is starting to have socials, with a BBQ party planned for this summer.

That a wide range of homeowners live at Southwind, ranging from young professionals,... READ MORE

What does your ‘price guarantee’ mean?

There has been some talk in town about the price guarantee we are offering at Southwind this year.

It all started when we we’re looking at our customer’s questions about the current market. While it was widely agreed that the market is stable, if not improving, we found that there remained concern that prices may still fluctuate. Enter the price guarantee idea.

Your price guarantee creates a stable market at Southwind by guaranteeing that if prices drop further in 2011, you will recieve a refund of the difference. The fine print: your guarantee only covers developer owned suites, not resales from past... READ MORE

Truth Based Marketing

Why wouldnt all marketing be truth based, right? We’ll, its because we are barraded with marketing at such an extreme level that traditional marketing tactics resort to making every product claim sound unbelievable. This, for a short time grabs our attention, but eventually also becomes dull and over used. A great and positive movement by Braun Allison, out of Vancouver, is to Sell the Truth. Cut to the core, explain the real story, and sell homeowners on the realities that they will encounter when coming to check out condos, homes, or other real estate. When you drive around town and see other condo projects,... READ MORE